Celebrities who love oriental rugs

You don’t have to be a celeb to love Oriental rugs, but it indeed helps when you are buying the finest quality and most expensive rugs available on the market. Oriental rugs display the finest artwork and rare design patterns. Many celebrities are fond of oriental rugs and they don’t hesitate in investing thousands of dollars in the rugs. There are many well-known celebrities that have beautiful rug collection. Many celebs have more than one expensive rug at their premises. In fact, they can differentiate between original rugs and cheap copies. After all original oriental rugs have their own unique qualities.

Oriental rug collection of celebs

Kanye West: This song writer and record publisher have adoration for handmade and unique rugs. He has several Persian rugs at his luxury home. He even tweeted about his fondness to Persian rugs. What else than a Persian rugs can complement the lavishing décor of Kim and Kanye’s residence.

Jared Leto: This Academy Award Winner is also fond of oriental themed home décor. His home is decorated with many handpicked oriental rugs. He has collection of many rare and ancient rugs that uniquely decorate his home.

Ursula Andress: This Bond Girl is known for having interest in lavishing home décor trends. Oriental rugs are one of the expensive home décor items in which Ursula is interested. She is passionate about rugs after from young age. She often visits flea market and antique stores in search of handmade and original rugs.

Christopher Meloni: This handsome hunk has a fondness for interior décor. He is actually antique enthusiast. Actor developed strong interest in rugs while he was on a trip to Turkey. From that point on, he has added many Turkish, Persian and Navajo carpets to his growing collection.

Howard Hesseman: This mature actor is rug connoisseur. He has very good understanding about original handmade Persian rugs. Because of his passion about textiles and Persian rugs, he even pronounced himself as thread head when he spoke with People Magazine.

So, these are some celebs who love decorating their premises with oriental rugs. If you are also interested in rich and royal home décor, you can visit oriental rug stores va.

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