Shocking celebrity weight loss and transformation in the past

Celebrity weight loss has been seen in the past and is seen in the present. Celebrities have to undergo dramatic figure transformation and whether they are slimming down to pay the perfectionist or bulking up to increase the stature like gladiator-esque, celebrities have to change their shape drastically. However, this kind of drastic weight loss can be hazardous for the health. It is mainly the crash dieting which is more dangerous since it weakens the immunity system and also leaves you vulnerable to getting sick. Let us have a look at the stars that underwent this dramatic transformation.

The Grammy Oscar Winner, Jennifer Hudson

In the year 2010, Jennifer Hudson was the main topic of discussion for many since she shed a lot of pounds. This was the greatest makeover which was ever seen. Prior to shooting for the movie ‘Winnie’, she had to lose her baby weight. After working along with the trainer Harley Pasternak, she lost a lot of weight. She reduced from size 16 to the size 6.

The amazing stature of Christian Bale

The Batman lost 63 pounds of weight much to the amazement of others to shoot for the movie ‘The Machinist’. Being 6 feet tall, Christian Bale weight loss made it a point to over exercise and ate hardly to remain trim. The 39 year of old actor reduced to 122 pounds. To play the varied roles, the actor reduced weight in no time.

Oprah Winfrey reigning supreme

Oprah, the 59 year old actor, is supreme when it comes to losing weight. Her fluctuating weight has been the breaking news. She says that her leaning down was simply to eat whatever she could not in the past. She conquered her weight issues by reducing to 160.

John Goodman’s journey from 368 pounds to 100 pounds!

Playing the role of Dan Conner, John Goodman weighed on the scales 368. Now, he is just 100 pounds after quitting sugar and drinks all together. He actually works out for 6 days a week.

The great story of Kevin Federline

Popularly known as the Mr. Britney Spears, Kevin Federline ballooned to 240 pounds when he was just 30 years old. In the year 2010 he slimmed down magnificently and lost 140 pounds.

Kevin Federline weight loss is always the hot topic of discussion among the gossip mongers and the celebrity lovers. Having that hour glass figure is not the easy game for many. These celebrities, with their tremendous commitment, lost the extra pounds to get back to the limelight.

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