3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Granite Countertops

You want your kitchen to look the best don’t you? For you to make it possible, you need to install the right countertops. There are many types of countertops you can go for ranging from quartz to granite countertops. For you to choose the right ones, you need to pay attention to plenty of factors that include:


How much are you looking to spend on the countertops? This is important as it greatly determines the units that you will buy. If this is the first time you are buying the countertops, you should know that there are plenty of countertop materials in the market that you can go for. As you might have guessed, the different units go for different prices.

Do you know how much you should spend on the pieces? If you don’t, work with a professional kitchen designer, countertop expert, or interior designer who will help you in approximating the amount of money that you should expect to spend on the units.

Regardless of the countertops that you have your eyes on, you should know that they come in three main categories: low, medium, and high end. High-end pieces are often extremely expensive; therefore, if you are looking to install them, you should be ready to part with a substantial amount.


As mentioned, there are plenty of countertop materials that you can go for. Is this the first time you are buying the units? Here are some of the materials that you can choose from:

Laminate: This is a cheap material thus ideal for you when you are operating on a tight budget. While its cheap, it comes in many colors and textures for you to choose from. It gives you full value for your money and since its cheap, you shouldn’t expect it to last for long or give your kitchen a high-end look. Due to this, you should install it if you aren’t looking to stay in the house for a long time.

Quartz: Do you want a countertop that is easy to maintain and doesn’t stain easily? This is your go-to material. Since the countertop is tough, you don’t have to worry about water penetration. When you install it properly, it lasts for a long time and gives your home the perfect look for a long time.

Granite: Granite countertops are the most common units in the market. In addition to being around for a long time, they are highly unique; therefore, when you install the countertops in your home, you can be sure that no other person has a similar product.

Unlike quartz countertops, granite countertops require a little bit of maintenance and in some cases, they might need a sealer.

Installing the countertops requires some investment; therefore, you should install them in a home that you are going to live forever. When choosing the pieces, take your time so that you choose the right one. You don’t want to incur huge loses replacing pieces that you don’t like a few years down the line.


Do you know the right color of countertops for your home? Different kitchen designs look good in different colors; therefore, you should be cautious of the one that you go for. Obviously, you should choose a color that you like.

A kitchen is a cool place; therefore, you should avoid a color that is too busy that gives the kitchen a busy look. You also should avoid a color that competes with the floor.

In addition to considering your taste, you also should consider the cabinet door pattern. For an elegant look, choose a color that complements the pattern.

If you are confused about the right color that you should choose, don’t shy from asking a professional to help you out.

You should note that you shouldn’t ask just anyone to guide you. Ensure that the professional works in granite companies Raleign or any other reputable countertop companies. You don’t want to ask help from a quack who will derail you.

After you have chosen the right countertop, you should have it installed by a professional. Ensure that the professional you hire is highly experienced and certified to work in your local area.

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