4 Factors That Will Only Increase The Cost Of Your Divorce

Divorce itself is a traumatic experience, two people living together as a married couple now cannot stand each other and hate each other. Result is that you need a divorce attorney. It is not going to be an easy process if the case is dragged into the court or when one of the spouses is unwilling to divorce or does not agree on the terms of the divorce. Plus, if you have children then the matter takes up much more time, energy, hassle, trauma and money.

The major thing that a divorce can do in your life is a dent in your income and that dent could become even bigger if more factors are included. You can never be sure about the exact cost of the divorce. There are many factors that affect the cost of the divorce. Usually if one the party is in disagreement then the cost could even increase to six figures and can leave you single but completely broke. Even if try your best to keep the cost to a minimum or give a flat fee rate even then many factors account for an increase in the cost.

Disagreement by One Partner

Divorce is already a life changing experience and you would not want to intensify the process. If either spouse is adamant in giving the other one a hard time then obviously the divorce lawyer fees will increase very fast. You should go to the court with a rational mind and stay calm no matter how much your partner tries to test your patience, you should not become angry as this will elongate the process and the costs will be accumulated. Divorce lawyers love to alleviate the process as it means more money for them. So, both lawyers will try to intensify the situation and make bills at an hourly rate.  Always think in mind whether division of assets or any other stuff is worth fighting for? If you stay stubborn and your partner does the same then you two will be indebted for a lifetime.

Asset Division

If there are a lot of assets that were owned by the couple, then obviously it needs distribution. Complications are going to rise if the assets were earned by one partner mostly or even if it was jointly accumulated. The lawyer would need the help of an expert opinion such as a real estate dealer or appraiser or if the court orders to sell all the stuff and then divide the money then you will need a real estate seller for the costs. This will divide your assets but will increase the cost of the divorce for hiring specialists.

Child Custody

The children are owned by both the parents and naturally both the parents love their children equally and both would want to keep them. This will increase the cost as the divorce lawyers will need to question eyewitnesses and will need to hire detectives to get to know which parent is more capable of handling the children. They will also need to question friends and family about each partner’s relationship with the children and also will need to question the earning and salary. Sometimes the court will also appoint guardians for your children if there is danger that one partner might take away the children forcefully and run away. All these things will add to more costs.

Divorce Lawyer

A family lawyer is necessary for the court proceedings and hearings. You cannot just get a divorce without hiring a divorce lawyer whether contested divorce or uncontested divorce. A divorce attorney will charge money according to his name and fame in the market. You do not need to go for a top rated divorce lawyer Fairfax VA but you should not even go for a cheap and inexperienced lawyer to save your money. An inexperienced lawyer could drag the divorce process and he will surely lose the case and all that you are demanding. Choose one who has prior experiences in the family field and does not charge an arm and a leg. Surely reputed divorce lawyers are expensive but the biggest plus point of selecting them is that they will clear the case in no time and the chances of you winning the case are improved.

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