6 Reasons To Get A Bathtub-Shower Combo For Small Bathrooms

A shower and a bathtub are fun things to have, so why not have both in the same place? Here are some reasons to convince you to have a bathtub and shower combo for your next bath remodel.

Saves A Lot Of Space

A shower and tub combination is a great thing to keep in any bathroom. This combo works best for smaller bathrooms too because you get the best of both worlds. If you are a fan of taking baths, but you also want the convenience of a shower, then go for this combination, because your small bathroom will be able to handle it.

This combination prevents overcrowding the bathroom and it also helps in making your bathroom look more organized and put together. It also gives a lot of room for all kinds of people, because a bathtub is usually more spacious.

Perfect For All Bathrooms

Doesn’t matter if your bathroom is in the corner or it has a closed layout, a bathtub and shower combination works well with all kinds of layouts and it keeps the bathroom looking beautiful.

A lot of the time, there might be super crowded bathrooms in apartments and smaller houses, so this combination is perfect for these spaces and with a bathtub and a shower, you can get a lot of use out of it. So, even if your space is small, there is a lot of room for a bathtub and shower configuration in the space.

Adds Value To Your Home

A lot of buyers love the idea of having a bathroom with a shower and bathtub. So, it’s safe to say that any space with a combined shower and bathtub will be a hot-selling item in the real estate market. This home renovation will increase the value of your house and you will get a good deal on your house.

Usually, bathtubs are needed in a lot of houses and if some tubs come with a combined shower, then it’s not less than heaven for a potential buyer. So, you are in for a treat, if you have a shower and bathtub combo.

Perfect For Everyone

As mentioned before, bathtubs are preferred for a number of reasons. People can bathe small children and even elderly people, who have a hard time standing up for long periods, can use a tub as a chair, and with a shower attached to it, there is easy accessibility and almost no fuss.

So, it’s a perfect thing to get if you’re remodeling your bathroom and want something practical and useful for all age groups. This is going to cost you less and the results will be just as amazing, if not better than a lone shower or bathtub.

Room For Customization

Not only shower and bathtub combos are practical, but they are also easy to customize and install, even if you’re not going for a complete remodel. You can either get this combo prefabricated or you can start from scratch. Prefabricated installation is obviously going to cost you a lot less and the time it takes to install something like this is less too.

Not to mention, a shower and bathtub combination gives the bathroom a luxurious feel and it makes the whole space look more modern and minimal with the right color and material choice, you will transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa.

Easy To Clean

If you know anything about bathtubs, you would realize how difficult they are to clean. It’s nothing less than a marathon, but with the added shower extension, cleaning your bathtub is a no-mess, no-spill, and no-fuss task. You can just turn the shower on and clean the bathtub super easily.

There is no spillage of water either since everything is contained in the tub and it drains down when you’re done. So, a bathroom with a shower and bathtub combo is super convenient, as far as cleaning and maintaining the bathroom is concerned.


There you have it! A bathtub and shower combo is an amazing way to integrate both facilities in your bathroom and it also looks nice, so what’s not to love? Discuss it with bathroom remodel contractors and check out different designs for the bathtub-shower combo. abbroz

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