Corian vs Quartz Countertops

So, what are the basic difference between corian or quartz countertops? Let’s know!

Comparing different aspects of countertop materials

  1. Resilience

When you visit the market, you can better compare both since quartz kitchen countertops are always more resilient than Corian ones as they are a bit weaker among two. Also, quartz countertops are resistant to corrosion, heat, scratches, mildew and mold while Corian is not resistant to all this. This shows that quartz countertop does not require much maintenance as well while you will have to be extra careful with Corian countertops.

  1. Aesthetics

Corian countertops can be mold to any shape and end up with any desired shape and can be easily shaped to include seamless sinks easily as well. However, it is not the case with quartz countertops as you might see some resistance from quartz installers when you ask them to reshape or drill the countertops. While quartz countertops can offer you more luster and shiny appearance comparatively which can never be achieved with Corian countertops.

  1. Durability

Well if maintained properly, both Corian and quartz countertops are durable and can lasts longer. However, quartz kitchen countertops are much more durable if you are a carefree person. Because you cannot put hot pans directly on the Corian countertops as it may result in discoloration while in case of scratches and stains also, you will have to polish them again to have a smooth look. All these things are not at all required with quartz kitchen countertops.

  1. Price Difference

Quartz countertops are costlier than Corian countertops as they are heavier in weight and requires more effort to install than Corian countertops. You can talk to quartz installers who can brief you better about the installation process as it is much difficult than the other and requires a lot of efforts and time as well. While it is not the case with Corian countertops which are less expensive and also easily installed with much lower efforts and time required.

  1. Maintenance

As discussed above, Corian countertops requires more maintenance while you can be extremely carefree with quartz kitchen countertops. It is because quartz countertops are a non-porous and natural material while Corian is completely handmade so definitely it requires more care and attention. Corian countertops can easily melt when exposed to heat while you can put hot pans directly on the quartz surface without any worries. Also, due to non-porous feature, there will be less chance of bacterial growth in quartz countertops as compared to Corian countertops.

  1. Styles and Patterns

Since Corian countertops are manmade so you can have number of designs, colors and patterns in them while you have a very limited options with quartz countertops. So, if you have a budget problem while you are more into latest designs and trendy colors so you can go for Corian countertops but keep it in mind that you will have to be extra careful for its maintenance as well.

  1. Finishes

Both Corian and quartz countertops are very good at their finishes and gives an extraordinary look to your kitchen as both are fabricated. But again due to the quartz being a natural material, it has a little bit edge here comparatively. You will get a more consistent, clean and streamlined look with quartz countertops than the Corian countertops. However, if you are looking for luxury finishes then there is no more thinking as it only comes with quartz countertops.

You can go for sparkly mineral flecks which offer a certain sheen and glamour which you cannot achieve from Corian countertops. So if you want an ultra-luxury and royal look for your kitchen then you have one answer only and it is quartz countertop.

  1. Installation

As mentioned above, quartz countertop requires more difficult installation than Corian countertops but you get it done easily with the help of professionals or quartz installers potomac md. However, if you have required tools at home, you can go for self-installation of Corian countertops. It is because quartz countertops require a special treatment for installation that normal people does not have those tools at home. Although it is much difficult to do that yourself with Corian countertops as well because it also requires professional cutting and finished edges which is very difficult to attain if you are not practiced to do such things.

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