Expert Advice on Choosing Party Tents..!

Are you thinking about hosting an outdoor party? Are you looking for a grand venue to host a big corporate event? Or are you planning a backyard party? Well, if so, then tent rentals can be really very beneficial for you. A tent can beautifully isolate your party venue from rest of the world. Also, in order to create a party aura, it is important to cover party venue with tent.

Party tents

Nowadays, various kinds of party tents are available for different kinds of parties. You are required to select the party tent according to your party. For example corporate party tent and wedding tent cannot be same. To help you with your decision, below mentioned are the different types of tents available on rent, from the traditional to the truly unique.

Types of party tents

Pole tents

Pole tents are supported by a pole and wires. These types of tent have big showy top. Pole tents look beautiful and are ideal for weddings. You can decorate these tents in the desired manner. However, it is not possible to set pole tents on the concrete surface.

Framed tents

Framed tents are the most common party tents. A metal frame support the entire structure of the frame. These tents look incredibly beautiful and can be decorated in stunning manner. It is really very easy to set framed tent at any random location.

Marquee tents

Marquee tents show the amalgamation of pole tent and frame tent. These tents have the convenience of the metal frame tent along with the visual appeal of the pole tent. The marquee tent gives you the best of both worlds.

Open clear tents

Open clear tents are the most adorable tents available in the market. These tents have clear top, which provide true fun of outdoor party. However, open clear tent rentals are quite expensive as compared to other tents.

Tropical style tents

If you are hosting a beach party, then tropical tents are ideal for you. Tropical style tents are generally apt for the beach style parties. The use of tropical tent is almost purely aesthetics as they offer little to no protection from the outdoor elements.

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