How To Prepare Your Locks This Summer

Summer is coming and you are probably one of the many guys and gals who will be visiting their favorite hair salons to try on the latest summer hairstyle and look. No matter what the season is, you have to make sure that your hair looks it’s absolute best. However, do you have any idea how damaging the sun can be to your hair?

What Can Cause Hair Damage?

There are tons of factors that can cause damage to your hair, but, too much exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can cause dryness, weakness, and brittleness to the hair. It can also make your hair prone to split ends and other hair threats and damage.  More so, if you’re into hair bleaching and other hair lightening chemicals will also make your hair vulnerable to more damage when exposed to the sun.

The sun can also cause damage to the scalp, especially when left unprotected. A hat or cap can greatly provide overall hair protection against the sun’s damage from its harmful rays. However, hair experts and dermatologists suggest that it’s better to wear a wide-brimmed hat every time you’ll be staying out under the heat of the sun longer than expected because it will not only protect your hair but it can also protect your face from the sun’s harmful and damaging heat. Doing this can save and protect you from skin cancer.

Aside from allowing your hair to be exposed under the sun, there are other factors that may cause damage to your hair too, and you might not be aware of it.

  • Bleaching
  • Perming and straightening
  • Hair coloring and highlights
  • Blow drying and flat iron
  • Braids and ponytails
  • Too much brushing
  • Over-washing with shampoo
  • Weaves and extensions

Ways To Protect Your Hair From The Sun This Summer

  • Welcome Summer With A New Haircut

Getting a hair cut before the summer is one way to protect your hair from the blazing weather. Doing regular trims can also keep your hair in perfect condition since it can greatly reduce the risk of split ends, hair dryness, and brittleness.

Tip from the Pros: A trim every 2-4 weeks can surprisingly bring life to even the most damaged hair.

  • Give Your Hair Color An Extra Care

Chemical-based hair treatments will never work well with the burning heat of the sun, which will only cause hair dryness, extreme hair damage, and color fading. It’s highly advisable to use hair care products and solutions that are specially formulated for color-treated hair to prevent any further damage.

Tip from the Pros: If ever you are planning a hair color change, do it at least a month or two before the sunny weather. Better yet, keep a cap handy which you can wear to protect your colored hair.

  • Always, Always Use A Conditioner

In the event that your hair is already damaged, brittle, and dry, help restore its moisture by using a quality conditioner. Choose a product that suits your hair texture and type.

Tip from the Pros: Before you plunge into the ocean or pool, apply a thin layer of coconut oil or conditioner to your hair to shield it from the burning heat of the sun. It can keep chlorine and other chemicals off your hair while you enjoy the water and the waves.

  • Shampoo With Extra Care

Daily shampooing is not advisable. It’s better to rinse your hair with cold or lukewarm water on days that you don’t use shampoo. Plus, you have to pay attention to cleaning the scalp and not the hair.

  • Avoid The Extra Heat

Ditch flat irons and blow dryers.

Other Tips:

  • Consider Overnight Hair Treatment Your BFF
  • Add Dry Shampoo To Your Basics
  • Consider Sun Protection
  • Get Used To Using Wide-Tooth Comb

Maybe you should plan a visit to the top rated hair salons Rockville while you still have enough time to prepare for summer. Remember that it’s not just your summer bod that you have to watch out for, but your locks as well to truly enjoy the summer season.

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