Jennifer Aniston Wedding: A memorable affair

The home wedding rental service of Jennifer Aniston was cleverly disguised as a surprise wedding party being put forward as Theroux 44th birthday. It is said that Jennifer did not invite half of her friends and celebrity cast since she intended to keep it simple. The fuss about the surprise party was all a ruse. Stern was one of the attendees, a great friend of Justin Theroux. A lot many discussions went on and on about Aniston’s wedding dress. The dress was simple but sophisticated and gorgeous. The strapless gown was beautiful, elegant and flowing. The beautiful wedding took place in the Bel Air Mansion when it was Jennifer Meyer who designed the wedding dress.

Some details on Jennifer Aniston wedding

Besides Meyer, Tobey Maguire, her husband, there were other celebrity guests to add to the charm in the jennifer aniston wedding. Howard Stern and his wife Beth Stern were present. Then, there was Samantha Ronsan who was present besides the photographer Terry Richardson. Chelsea Handler, Emily Blunt, Jason Bateman were present with a few others. The newly refurbished Bel Air Mansion is one of the most elite and exclusive neighborhoods on this planet. The property stretches up to 3.5 acre and is the grazing site for the chickens. Featured on the ‘Beverly Hillbillies’, no other venue could be more perfect for the wedding.

Party rentals VS the home wedding

Not everyone has a home like Jennifer Aniston. Party rentals are known for offering wedding equipments depending on the lavishness of the party. Party rental professionals make it a point that the grand event proceeds smoothly. Party rental companies are mandatory when you organize any social event. They guarantee standard services with the aid of rental equipments. All the wedding needs will be catered to without any possibility of failures or breakdowns. To choose the party rental, sample out party rental companies, and select the best one. Collect information from online reviews and compile a final draft to come up with the convenient option.

Those offering party rental services charge different rates for the party rental equipments. Check out the supplies after pondering over the credentials of the company. Consider the customer care services, exact supplies and prices. Food and drinks need to be considered largely. Party rentals are more convenient than organizing things manually. The service providers will accept even the greatest challenges to make sure that the guests are happy. Party rentals are viable options during a corporate event, grand wedding party and even during birthdays. So, whether throwing an indoor or outdoor, simple or lavish party, considering party rental is all that you need.

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