These Edibles Can Help Prevent Hair Loss

Micro-Grafting transplant is one of the best and most innovative ways of hair restoration, but since these procedures that involves hair transplantation can also be a bit pricey, it’s better for you to find out other ways and alternatives to keep your hair from falling off too soon.
Truth be told, there are some major elements that can influence your hair, like hormones, age, nutrient deficiencies, genetics and a lot more. The things that are happening to your hair and body depends on the food that we consume daily. Besides, if you feel like your hair is between the thin and the not-so-thin locks, you don’t want to make it thinner even by eating the wrong foods, right?

The Foods That Makes Your Hair Healthier

Whether you’re part of a shampoo commercial, you would definitely want to maintain that good-looking hair of yours. Of course, choosing the right healthy edibles for your hair is what you should be doing first.
First on the list is:

– Almond butter is like a mystery box which contains a lot of nutritious elements like healthy fats, protein, and other vitamins and minerals that can do wonders to your hair. The vitamin E which the nut is very rich by being particularly responsible for keeping your hair healthy, lustrous, and thick. In fact, a study shows that men who took a daily supplement of vitamin E manifested improvements in their hair growth by 42 percent. A tablespoon of almond can supply you with two-thirds of your recommended daily RDA of vitamin E.

– The wide array of benefits which tangerines have can affect your hair is wonderful ways. Its vitamin C content alone allows your body to absorb as much iron your body needs, the same percentage you get from spinach.

– This Indian gooseberry is a sour fruit that is a native of India. The amla berries are rich in antioxidants that can provide you with glowing skin and healthy hair. Basically, you no longer have to go to India just to experience this fruit because you can order this frozen amla online.

– According to studies, the main cause of hair loss, particularly in women, is a mineral deficiency. It’s very important that you are aware of whether or not you are losing or lacking some important nutrients in your diet which can greatly affect your hair loss. Iron, for one, is a crucial vitamin the body should never fall short of. One great source of iron is spinach and it also contains sebum, which surprisingly plays the role of a natural hair conditioner. This leafy green veggie also contains omega-3, potassium, magnesium, iron, and calcium. Well, with all these vitamins, this particular vegetable can fit the description for being the best food for hair growth and to keep locks shiny, lustrous, and healthy.

– Ever wonder why every ancient Greek statue and figures of famous personalities have thick, wavy, and full mop of hair? Could be the artists’ idea or imagination, but it can also state a fact because of the protein-rich yogurt that Greeks and other countries and cultures have been consuming since 500 B.C. Greek yogurt is loaded in vitamin B5, which is helping blood flow to your scalp and hair keeping it thick and safe from hair fall.

– Salmon is not only a famous and classy seafood delicacy but is also one of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids which the human body cannot produce. Omega-3 is an anti-inflammatory compound. Aside from salmon, you can also get natural omega-3 from cold-water fish like mackerel and sardines. Plus, salmon can keep you stay fit and prevent diseases at bay.

You cannot be assured of not getting any hair loss as you age, but you can always prevent that from happening too soon or experiencing the worst. In the event that you can no longer save your locks from falling and it keeps getting thinner, visit the nearest hair transplant centers so you can be professionally guided about your options and solutions.

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