Top Schools Famous Celebrities Attended

Which schools did famous celebrities went to? Always a point of high discussion, it’s not always that celebrity colleges have been educated at the Harvard or Oxford. Let’s have a look at some of the notable educational institutes where some of the renowned celebrities have gone for schooling.


Address 1: 700 N Faring Rd., Bel-Air

Address 2: 3700 Coldwater Canyon Ave, in Studio City

Notable celebrities: Shirley Temple, Elizabeth Montgomery, Candice Bergen, Tori Spelling, Myrna Loy, Bridget Fonda, astronaut Sally Ride, Maggie Gyllenhall, June Lockhart, Danica McKellar, Crystal McKellar, and Mindy Cohn.


Address: 3939 Tracy St., Los Angeles

Notable celebrities: Leonardo DiCaprio school, Michelle Phillips, Judge Lance Ito, Heidi Fleiss, Julie Newmar, and Anne Marie Johnson. This school also featured in several movies like Pretty in Pink, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Grease.


Address: 11800 Texas Avenue, West Los Angeles

Notable celebrities: Marilyn Monroe, David Cassidy, Jan & Dean, Nancy Sinatra, James Brolin, Ryan O’Neal, Randy Newman, Bridget Fonda, Danny Elfman, and Rachel Ames.


Address: 1570 E. Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena

Notable celebrities: William Holden, Nick Nolte, Eddie Van Halen, George Reeves, Jack Larson, Kenny Loggins, Bob Mackie, John Singleton, and baseball legend Jackie Robinson.



Address: 10027 Lurline Ave, Chatsworth

Notable Celebrities: Kevin Spacey, Mare Winnigham, Val Kilmer, Kirk Cameron, and Stepfanie Kramer.  

Celebrities are many, so are the schools. Going to school was mandatory in the past. However, these days, many of the star kids prefer receiving education privately from some of the top tutors. The star kids of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie prefer their kids to receive education in home. They have the best of facilities but may not be able to enjoy the fun that lies within the school boundaries. May be, they will be seen joining cases during the high school days.

A school is the most important place in a person’s life. It is from here that a small, raw soul gets polished and perfectly groomed to face the challenges of the real world in a confident way. Not only bookish knowledge but also several mannerisms are taught in school that makes a person to become a perfect man/woman with best qualities to make for a presentable appearance. For celebrity star kids, it is necessary to get educated and groomed properly to live up to the expectation and name of their parents. Going to top rated schools is always essential to ensure they have a polished etiquette and confident outlook to face a highly competitive world.

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