What Are The Things A Sewer Camera Inspection Can And Can’t Do

A sewage camera inspection by rooter services is the best way to see inside the drain pipe for any faults or issues and for which there is no other way.

Technology has paved its way into our lives in a way that has made our life a whole lot easier and there is no survival without it.

Without technology, if you ever had drainage issues or water overflow or a protruding bad smell then you would call a plumber and he would dig up the ground to locate the pipelines and find the reason for the problem. This was costly and a big hassle.

Nowadays if there is an issue a plumber will come equipped with a thin rod with a small camera attached in the end. He is going to insert it in the drainage pipe and a video will be shown of the whole footage inside the pipeline through which the fault can be known and repaired.

Now the question is whether this small camera can detect everything and anything or not?

What Can The Sewer Camera Detect?

First, we will discuss what are things a sewer camera inspection can detect.

The Material And System Type Of The Drainage Pipes

Whether your pipes are made from PVC or metal or cast iron, it can be determined by the sewerage camera. Sewerage pipes are constructed underground with construction and bricks on top of it. Finding out its material and the system it is made up of can get difficult. Sewage cameras can easily tell information about the material.

Blockages And Slow Drainage

Many things go into your drains such as grease, fats, food waste, debris and peels, soap and washing liquid scum, tissue papers and wipes, gunk of hair and other things which could slow down the water flowing due to obstructions caused over the time. A camera is used to determine the cause of sewer blockages and the plumber can implement the necessary strategy for the problem.

The Sewerage Line Place

The drainage pipelines are submerged under the ground and you cannot know where it is placed exactly. The sewerage cameras have location devices attached on them which can tell the exact place of the sewer lines. This is helpful when you want to add new construction or dig up your yard.

Connection And Fittings

The make and structure of the drainage pipeline can also be seen through the sewerage camera. You can also get to know which way the water is flowing and where the water is coming from.

What The Sewerage Camera Can’t Detect?

Following is the thing that a sewer camera inspection can’t spot.

It Can’t Detect Leaks

Technology along with being useful has its limitations. A sewerage camera cannot detect leaks alone but needs other methods as well. A camera will only show what it sees so the plumber will have to make out on their own what they are seeing. A leak is a small hole which cannot be visible through the camera. Why?

  • A leak may be a small hole, a crack or a broken area through which the water leaks outside the pipeline. The camera is inside the pipeline which means it cannot see the water leaking outside. From inside you can’t be sure where the crack or whole us.
  • The pipes are fitted for years and years. There is buildup of scum, debris, dirt, gunk and other stuff which solidifies and forms a layer. If the plumber spots a hole or a crack, it may be on the gunk and not the actual pipeline.
  • All the waste material, washroom flushing, food waste, dirty water, hair and soap scum and the water is not exactly clear but turns a dirty grey or blackish color. The plumber is looking inside the pipe through the dirty water and it is not clear which makes it hard to spot a hole or crack so the plumber will only have to guess or interpret.

Almost all the plumbers use a camera to locate leaks. But there have been many instances when the plumber spotted a leak and it was actually not a leak. So, to determine a leak, you will have to resort to other methods as well. Moreover, a camera inspection looks straightforward, but it involves many complications, so hire sewer cleaning companies for the procedure.

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