What You Should Know About Cooktops

Cooktops are a very important daily appliance and hence cooktops repair is important too. You cannot just buy an appliance and use it till it stops working permanently, every appliance requires regular care which you can get from cooktop and refrigerator repair services. Cooktops are the most used appliance in every house and here is what you need to know about them.

Types of Cooktops

There are 3 types of cooktops which you should choose depending on your kitchen and lifestyle.

Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops come with the latest technology that uses electromagnetism feature to heat up the cookware and turn it into a heating element itself instead of using a different source for heating it up.

Induction cooktops provide a safer cooking experience, they are super-efficient and most importantly, they are easy to clean.

However, they are pretty expensive and not everyone is able to afford it. Another thing that adds to the cons of induction cooktops is that these work best with specific types of cookware.

Gas Cooktops

These are the most common and widely used cooktops. Gas cooktops as understood by name requires gas produce the flame which serves as a heat source.

Gas cooktops allow you to control the strength of the flame. You can change the flame strength in no time preventing your dish from being overcooked or burnt.

But, while using gas cooktops you need to be very careful as there are two dangerous factors i.e. gas and fire. Ensure that you turn off the gas properly after your work is done so that there is no gas still running on empty stove. Gas leaks can cause serious damage if not taken care of. Moreover, you can also get hurt with the fire if not handled properly. Apart from these, gas stoves are usually much harder to clean because the spilt food makes it way under the grates or might even sneak inside the burners as well that interrupts the proper functioning of it thus, you would require help from cooktop and dishwasher repair services for this purpose.

When it comes to the price of gas cooktops, they are usually inexpensive than the induction cooktops and a little costly than electric ones.

Electric Cooktops

These cooktops use electrical energy to heat the cookware up which is why they are named as electric cooktops. These cooktops have gained much popularity amongst people living in small apartments, going out on a camping or living in hostels. Many people have started to replace their gas cooktops with the electric ones because of its easy to use the feature.

They are safe to use because there is no chance of fire or gas leakage issues. Moreover, gas cooktops are much inexpensive than both, induction and gas cooktops and are easy to install as well. One thing that makes it outstanding is that it would function perfectly with any kind of cookware. Another advantage of electric cooktops is that they are very easy to clean.

The thing that can be thought of as a con for this cooktop is that they are time-consuming when it comes to heating up or cooling down because it can result in making the dishes either overcooked or undercooked due to very slow temperature changes.

Types of Cookware for Your Cooktops


Non-stick cookware is safe for almost all types of cooktops whereas, some are even safe for the oven. You can easily cook food that is much sticky and oily without having a fear of food getting stuck on the cookware. These are quite inexpensive and easy to clean.

Stainless Steel

These are oven, broiler and stove safe. You can easily make sauces in it, sauté and sear food. Cookware made out of stainless steel is much more durable. However, they take a longer time to heat up because they conduct heat much slowly. These are pretty costly but last very long.


Copper cookware is also safe to use on cooktops and ovens. These cookware are used for various purposes such as; you can use it for steaming, braising, boiling and sautéing. Copper cookware is known as a luxury material and therefore are expensive.

The main information about cooktops in right above and make sure whichever one you go for, you seriously consider cooktops repair Northern VA services for better performance.

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