When Should You Have A Hair Transplant?

For some, hair fall is a normal thing that happens every day and it’s something inevitable. But that simple hair fall can lead to hair loss and you will just soon realize that there is something wrong with your crowning glory. Once that alarming moment sinks in, you will then feel that you are losing a part of you, like your identity is slowly fading away. For a minute or a moment, it will make you feel like there is nothing that you can do or that it is too late for you to stop the situation from getting worst. Knock! Knock! The hair transplant option is right at your doorstep and is willing to help you get out of your horrific situation.

The Time To Get A Hair Transplant

Hair loss can be bothering, but for some who’s happy with the way they look, especially if the hair loss is not that obvious hair transplantation is not needed. However, if you are no longer comfortable with your hair loss and you are starting to lose your confidence because of the balding or thinness, it is time for you to have a hair transplant. With hair transplantation, you will be able to regain back your self-esteem and contentment.

The hair transplantation procedure is considered safe and adaptable to both men and women’s hair. In fact, hair transplant is not only about losing hair in your head, but it can also be your facial hair too like eyebrows due to over plucking. With hair transplantation, women can get a fuller and better-looking eyebrow again. When done by a professional, the hair transplant can create a natural-looking brows like you’ve always wanted.

Should You Trust The Procedure?

In the past, the hair transplantation technology has received negative feedbacks and news such as visible scars and marks that are not compatible with any kind of hairstyles. There are other common negative comments about the hair transplantation like the aged “strip method” and the artificial aftereffect that looks like doll hairs.

After intensive studies and improvement of the technology, the procedure now uses Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE. With the FUE there are no more visible scars or marks, and with the skills and expertise of trained physicians, the “doll hair” artificial effect is completely avoided. This method appears to be the best hair transplantation procedure that lowers any risk and brings out the better outcome.

Those who have experienced the procedure are so much satisfied with the results and have never felt so confident and comfortable. With their full head of natural looking hair they felt younger and looked younger and this feeling will forever radiate in them. So far complications are subtile.

Introducing the NeoGraft Technique

The NeoGraft is the new technique for hair transplantation. It is more customized and is the manual version of the FUE procedure which gives a balanced and an even more natural outcome.
Before, the process of hair transplant is by removing a bigger section of the skin prioritizing the hair follicles, and then grafted sections of hair into the balding area of the head. But with the NeoGraft, instead of taking a large part of the skin, this method removes the individual follicles and plants them in the tiny spaces in the balding area. This process gives out a better and more crude looking head.

The Benefits of the NeoGraft Method:

Invisible Scars
– Barely obvious compared to the common hair transplant procedures
– More comfortable than the other methods
– No need for stitches or staples
– Can have hair long or short depending on your preference.
– Less activity limitations
– Looking more natural and confident

Basically, this method provides you with the best results and comfort that will make you change your perception about hair transplantation.

The Common Questions About Hair Transplantation

Are there any scars after the NeoGraft procedure?
Barely. You won’t even notice that you’ve undergone the procedure and it will swiftly heal after you have completed the treatment.
How long will the results be visible?
The hair transplantation has a process and results are not instant. First, you have to wait for hair to fall out from the implanted follicle. Wait till the new hair grows where the follicles are. Give it weeks to a couple of months and you will slowly notice the new hair growing in their right places. Guaranteed that every wait is worth it.

So if you think you are experiencing the signs mentioned visit the best hair transplant centers so you can be properly oriented about the procedure before you give it a go. But based on those who have experienced it, it’s worth it.

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