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Landscaping is such a fulfilling activity. Many homeowners enjoy decorating their front and backyards. Landscape elements such as patio, swimming pool, pond, waterfall, fireplace, walkway, driveway and retaining walls when combined together they make an outdoor oasis. Even famous celebrities enjoy landscaping. Many celebs work with their landscape contractors to give a personal touch to their yard.

Celebs and landscaping

The idea of celebrities and landscaping does not actually go hand in hand. But, with the trend of green living that is sweeping the entire world, many celebrities have jumped on the landscaping and gardening. Celebrity yards come in many sizes and a variety of shapes. Some yards are vividly colored with ponds, waterfall, and patio while others are simply designed for growing fruits, vegetables, flowers and bushes.

Famous celebrities who love to landscape

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts loves gardening. She is an avid gardener. She loves growing fruits and vegetables in her own yard. It is because she wants to provide all organic nutrients to her kids. Julia keeps her garden well-maintained. Her yard also features various landscaping elements.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Yes, this handsome hunk enjoys landscaping. He utilizes his garden for good cause. Jake Gyllenhaal supported Edible Schoolyard Project. In this project, school children were taught about growing and cooking their own food to prevent childhood obesity.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is the queen of landscaping. She has a beautiful organic garden, in which she grows organic fruits and vegetables. This celebrity enjoys gardening so much.

Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos also loves organic gardening (maybe it is the secret behind the glowing skin of Maria). This TV host owns a beautiful yard and she prefers to look after that yard by herself.

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley is owner of amazing yard. She also enjoys growing organic fruits and vegetables.

Nicole Farhi

Along with designing stylish outfits for men and women, Nicole Farhi indulges herself in various landscaping activities. Nicole keeps the borders of her garden clean. For that she makes use of the privacy fencing. Her garden is so elegantly designed, that in the 90’s a movie scout selected her garden for shooting. lagras

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