Curb Your Allergies With These Food

If you’ve been making a regular visit to your allergy specialist every time an allergy hits you and have had tried all the prescribed meds, yet your allergy seems to be a regular too, maybe it’s time to try other alternative ways to get rid of it. Don’t worry, this does not involve any medical procedures, it just basically involves – FOOD and EATING.
There is no question about how effective allergy medicines are because surely they’re doing a great job in keeping your allergies in their rightful place, however, there are foods that can also function as an allergy agent that can protect you from any attacks.


– In order to defend yourself from allergies hoard all edibles that are rich in VITAMIN C. Strawberries happen to be one of them, which is not only loaded with antioxidants but is also one of the fruits that can make you look younger. Guess these red defenders can really provide you with so much benefit.

– To save yourself from allergies, you should have balanced omega-3 in your body which you can find in walnuts. These powerful snacks in a shell do not only help you get away from allergy symptoms but can also boost your physical and mental energy.

Shiitake Mushrooms
– Another comestible that you can mix with your everyday meal is the shiitake mushroom. This healthy earths’ fungi is not only capable of warding off allergy symptoms, but is loaded with vitamin D which is one of the vital elements to keep you from allergies. They are also good for your thyroids, especially if you opt for the fried mushroom that appears to contain more vitamin D than the fresh ones.

– Works best for weight loss and as well as for allergies. Being one of the healthiest vegetables in the market, broccoli defends your body against any pollutants that can trigger your allergies.

– An apple a day will not only keep your doctor away but your allergies too. Apples contain quercetin which scales down inflammation, but also allergy symptoms. This Snow White’s favorite fruit can also suppress cravings if you wanted to lose weight at the same time.

– Cheers to chocolate lovers out there, you can now have a glass of chocolate drink anytime you want to. Chugging cocoa either in your smoothie or the classic warm chocolate morning drink possesses a lot of anti-allergy compounds that can eliminate allergies.

Sweet Potato
– These yellow crops are not just an alternative to carbs if you are trying to lose weight, but can also protect you from any possible threats of allergies because if its utmost content of beta-carotene.

– Another ageless powder compound that has proven its healthy potentials as well as its capability to help you get rid of allergies and its symptoms.

– Aside from being a healthy salad ingredient, kale is a superfood that is low in calorie yet high in fiber. It’s also loaded with vitamin C that is needed to fight any symptoms of allergies.

– Do you know why Popeye loves this leafy veggie so much? It’s because it has vitamin C and vitamin E that can also eliminate symptoms of allergies. Also, your salad won’t be complete without a spinach on it. You wanted a super food to fight your allergies? Add spinach on your list.

– An ancient sweetener and remedy, honey is a natural extract that supports weight loss and at the same time fights the signs of allergies. Including honey in your everyday diet can provide you with a lot of health benefits you will be thankful in the future.

– Just like strawberries, blueberries contain polyphenol quercetin that protects the human body from the early signs of allergy when the season starts. Hence, blueberries are also packed with vitamins that can also fight certain diseases and not allergies.

– You shouldn’t be surprised that pineapple can also save you from any allergy attacks because of its fully loaded vitamin C content. 1 cup of this fruit juice every day can already send your allergies away.

There are more to be added to your list for sure and the best allergist Germantown can definitely add more. You should know by now that your allergies can be treated and can spare you completely for as long as you are including these allergy-fighting foods in your diet every day. They will not only treat your condition but can keep your health in top condition too.

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