Luxury redefined with Will Smith houses and values

When it comes to homes, celebrity tastes are adorable, peculiar and unique. Will Smith seems to be the most recent example of a celebrity who wishes to stay in the desirable home. Luxury, an element, cannot be missed out in the NOHO apartment of Will Smith. Featuring a huge chimney (which of course require chimney sweeper), 5 huge bedrooms and enough space for the staying servants, Will Smith’s apartment is designed incredibly with careful space planning. Featuring ultra modern amenities, there are 61/2 bathrooms. The full fledged kitchen has all the comforts and appliances to enable the cooking of sumptuous meals.

The NOHO Apartment Vs Santa Monica apartment

Will Smith’s NOHO apartment is no match to any other celebrity’s apartment. The 7326 square foot apartment spreads out to the entire floor to ensure the maximum level of privacy. The typical construction style is responsible for the huge cost of the apartment. But then, NOHO apartment is again nothing in front of the apartment in the Santa Monica Mountains. The mansion is spread over 22,000 square feet and features all the amenities you may think on this earth. The apartment features fully lit up tennis court, lavish pools and basketball court. There is a sand volleyball court too for those who love the beach volleyball. Located at one of the most sophisticated, costly and lavish location, the mansion is worth 7 million. One can behold the lagoon type of swimming pool, few guest rooms which show the unique taste and likeness of Will Smith. The NOHO apartment features a beautiful barbeque, 24 hours of security and great room service to ensure that luxury is never compromised.

Will Smith: The known millionaire

The American actor, film producer has the overall worth of $240 millions. The original ‘Renaissance Man’, Will Smith has a formidable success story. His ‘Men in Black III’ has been a massive success and it secured a great position for him in the Forbes list in the year 2011. He became a millionaire much before the age of 20 years, surprisingly.

Will Smith houses have values around 16.5 million, which is huge. The nickname ‘Prince’ is allotted for his royal and regal attitude who craved for a dazzling and an eclectic portfolio. Almost all the mansions feature luxury fireplace. Ultimate comfort is ensured with 5-6 fireplaces in the NOHO and Santa Monica apartments. Will Smith’s mansions may seem to lack the grandeur of the celebrity mansion, but one cannot ignore the presence of a private lake, equestrian trails and a riding ring.

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