Michael Jordan’s life as a basketball player

Michael Jordan or MJ, as he is called at times, was an outstanding basketball player has done immense basketball training in the 90s. Having won the ‘Most Valuable Player’ Awards on 5 occasions, MJ led the Chicago Bulls for 6 times. He has a superb killer instinct with which he led the Bulls to first three championships on the row. To the great astonishment of his fans, he retired from his career as the basketball player and embraced the game of baseball. He boldly confirmed that playing baseball had been his childhood passion. Having played the Birmingham Barons, MJ returned back to the Bulls after that. This took place in the year 1995 and later on in the 1996, 1997, 1998, Jordan won three championships on the row. After retiring finally in the year 1999, Jordan became the executive and the part owner of Washington Wizard.

The great comeback by Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan seems to have been incredibly passionate towards the basketball game and hence made his comeback at an age of 38 as an NBA player. Once again, his fans could see him playing for the Wizards. After having played for the full 2 seasons, he retired towards the middle of 2003. He also became the part owner of the Charlotte Bobcats and then became the majority owner in the year 2010. MJ had the privilege of being glorified and inducted into the Hall of Fame in the year 2009.

MJ: The greatest basketball player of all times

By acclamation, MJ is the best basketball player of all times. A mere summary of his basketball career or he being the greatest player would be an injustice. The phenomenal athlete, MJ has a unique combination of powerful soundness, speed and great artistry. He seems to possess an unquenchable thirst for wins and competitions and his improvisational ability is magnificent. Much to the amazement, the contemporaneous superstars identified Jordan’s unparalleled position. Basketball lovers associate him with some superpower and take him to be the ‘God of Basketball’. Having an impact far greater than winning the championships and titles, MJ accomplished ‘The Rookie of the Year’, ‘Six Times NBA Finals MVP’, ‘and Defensive Player of the Year’, etc. He retired with the highest scoring average of 30.1 ppg. His achievements were recorded in the Golden Books already.

The basketball star, Michael Jordan has bagged innumerable titles and awards for playing the game magnificently. MJ became a champion in the true sense that seemed to spearhead the NBA globalization with his dynamic and unsurpassable basketball court abilities.

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