Who have celebrities endorsed for the 2016 election?

2016 is already here. It is the important year for Americans, as they are going to elect their 45th President in the month of November. A lot of presidential election polls and campaigning are running on throughout the country. Every candidate is trying to impress the voters. Celebs are no exceptions. After all, they also think about their country. Many celebrities are openly supporting their favorite presidential candidates.

2016 Presidential Elections

You might be eyeing on latest 2016 election polls. What your favorite celebrities have to say about the election? To whom they are endorsing for the new president? What qualities they look in the new president? These are the interesting things to know about. This will let you know if your verdict match with your favorite celebrity’s verdict of not.

Celebrity Presidential Endorsements

Azealia Banks supports Donald Trump: Rapper Azealia Banks is openly supporting the controversial Donald Trump. She is very much influenced by the Donald Trump’s vision. Banks tweeted a number of messages in the favor of Donald Trump.

Aaron Carter supports Donald Trump: Aaron Carter is another celebrity who is supporting Donald Trump in 2016 presidential elections. He expressed his support by re-tweeting the Donald trump’s message.

Phil Robertson supports Ted Cruz: Actor Phil Robertson who is famous for his role in television series “Duck and Dynasty” is supporting the Republican candidate Ted Cruz. He recently quoted “Ted Cruz My Man”.

Tommy Chong supports Bernie Sanders: Comedian Tommy Chong is supporting Bernie Sanders for the President.

Katy Perry Supports Hilary Clinton: Pop star Katy Perry is openly supporting Hilary Clinton in 2016 presidential elections. She wore ‘H’ logo on her white dress during Clinton support rallies. She even spoke in media about Hilary. Must say, Katy Perry always rocks!

Demi Lovato supports Hilary Clinton: The teen sensation Demi Lovato is supporting Hilary Clinton in the Presidential Race. She expressed her support in Lowa by performing for Hilary. This has brought the significant rise in Hilary Clinton polls 2016.

So, these are some celebrities who are openly supporting their favorite presidential candidates. Celebrity verdicts may influence voters, but voters should vote wisely, by using their wisdom.

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