Why Is My Furnace Running But No Heat

A furnace is designed to produce heat to keep your house warm and cozy during the winter. Although they are designed to last for years but sometimes, minor problems can occur such as the furnace being turned on but not giving heat. Such problems can be solved without spending any money in most cases, and we are going to share some heating service repair tips that will help troubleshoot the problem. Let’s begin!

Locate Where The Furnace Is

Believe it or not, many professionals are of the view that when they are called to repair or inspect furnaces, the homeowners are not even aware of where the furnace is. Most of them believe that it is some kind of hot water heater that heats up their house.

Figuring out where the furnace might be located is quite easy. If you are living in a house that is 20-30 years old, the chances are that the furnace is located in the attic. If that is not the case, then you might want to look in the hallway closet, garage, or crawl space underneath your house. Once you have located the furnace, it is time to put in some effort to troubleshoot the heating issue.

Check That Your Thermostat Has Power

The thermostat having no power contributes a lot to the everyday calls that furnace technicians receive. Most homeowners are totally not aware of the fact that it is basically the thermostat that controls the furnace. It informs the furnace to produce hot air to keep the house warm.

Since it acts as the brain of the furnace, it won’t be able to function properly if the thermostat is facing issues such as not receiving power or the batteries are weak. Therefore, if your thermostat is powered by batteries, you should try replacing them.

However, if it utilizes electricity, you should check the circuit breaker for a blown fuse. If that is the case, replace the fuse and try turning on the furnace. If even that does not solve the issue, you might want to get the thermostat calibrated. Unfortunately, this is something you cannot do on your own and will need a professional to help fix the issue.

Check That Your Furnace Has Power And Is Turned On

Although modern furnaces have become quite smart and interesting, but they still need electricity to run even if they are gas furnaces. Therefore, they will work as long as there is electricity. In this case, as mentioned previously, you should check with all the sources that deal with electricity.

Tripped circuit breakers are one thing that helps solve most of the problems. If you turn on the circuit breaker and it trips again after a while, it means there is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with. You will need to call a professional for help in this matter.

Furthermore, check the fuse box as well. In some cases, one or two fuses might have blown, which might not allow the furnace to work.

Replace Your Furnace Filter

No matter how much it is stressed, but the majority of homeowners still choose to ignore replacing the air filter. Not replacing the air filter is one of the best ways to destroy your expensive heating and cooling system. With time, the air filter becomes clogged with dust and dirt, which causes the unit to work harder.

Eventually, the unit reaches a point where it becomes hot and fails to function. Plus, every manufacturer recommends replacing the air filter after a certain time period. The good news is that replacing the air filter is quite easy and you won’t need a professional doing it for you.

In addition to that, make sure that you consult the user’s manual to opt for the exact replacement. An air filter either being too small or big will reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of the furnace.

Final Word

Concluding, your furnace not producing heat can be solved following the tips mentioned above. If it doesn’t, you are looking at a relatively complicated issue that will require the help of furnace repair services ronkonkoma. Plus, make sure that you maintain your furnace regularly so that you are aware and able to prevent such issues before they pop up at the wrong time.

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