How to get straight hair like celebrities

The latest discovery in the art of hairdressing –Brazilian keratin straightening is a procedure that gives an opportunity to straighten naughty hair for a long time while maintaining their softness and health. When you need it? Aggressive effects of cold and hot air, sunlight, wearing a hat, low levels of

Certain facts about dreamcatchers extensions

Dreamcatchers extensions, as the name signify is the type of hair extension that gives the hair of dreams. Hair extension is the unique process of adding volume and length to the tresses without causing any damage to the hair. There should not be any use of waxes, glue or even

Celebrities who love oriental rugs

You don’t have to be a celeb to love Oriental rugs, but it indeed helps when you are buying the finest quality and most expensive rugs available on the market. Oriental rugs display the finest artwork and rare design patterns. Many celebrities are fond of oriental rugs and they don’t

Celebrities With Sleep Problems

You may think that celebrities are immune to health troubles, but celebrities are also human beings, they also have health complications. There are many celebs who are struggling with sleeping disorders. And some of them have openly spoken about their sleep troubles and how they cope up with them. These

Celebrities Who Have Been Arrested For DUI

When you are celebrity, getting charged with Drinking Under Influence is almost like a rite of passage. You always need to be in the contact with the best DUI attorney to deal with your DUI case. Yes, if celebrities do not follow state rules, they also get charged with DUI, and even get punished. Why Do

Selena Gomez Weight Loss and Beauty Secrets!

Selena Gomez is one of the most beautiful women alive. She is known for doing unusual things. She follows her heart and does not cares about what people say. This time, the actress has proved that she listens to her heart by taking weight gain insults in the positive manner.

Celebrities who love landscaping…

Landscaping is such a fulfilling activity. Many homeowners enjoy decorating their front and backyards. Landscape elements such as patio, swimming pool, pond, waterfall, fireplace, walkway, driveway and retaining walls when combined together they make an outdoor oasis. Even famous celebrities enjoy landscaping. Many celebs work with their landscape contractors to give a personal touch

How Celebrities Lose Weight Fast for Red Carpet Events

Healthy diet plan for women will differ significantly with that of men since they have different daily nutritional requirement. Following a balanced diet is essential to ensure better health and sustained growth. Balanced diet – what exactly does it mean? Balanced diet primarily refers to the nutritional requirement the body


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